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The Texas CACFP Sponsors Association and Brighton Training Group are pleased to announce a partnership that will allow small member sponsors to access annual on-line CACFP training for their sites free of charge. The association pays an annual fee to Brighton Training to each year to allow small sponsors to offer training to their sites free of charge. Member sponsors who meet the definition of a “small sponsor” and remain members in good standing in the association, may access unlimited usage of both the Child Care Center (CCC) and Day Care Home (DCH) annual trainings online.
Definition of a small sponsor:

Brighton Training Group defines a small sponsor as one who has no more than 100 sites total at the time of determination. The total number of sites will include both day care home and center sites. For example, a sponsor who has 58 DCHs and 25 CCCs would have a total of 83 sites and would qualify as a small sponsor. However, a sponsor who has 79 DCH and 43 CCC would have a total of 122 sites and will be considered a large sponsor. As an association member, a large sponsor may utilize the membership benefit to purchase an annual license from Brighton for $500/year. Brighton will set up a unique training website for each large sponsor who wishes to purchase a license. Small sponsors should consider their options before deciding to use the “free/small sponsor” option. The access to the training site for these sponsors will be very limited, and sponsors will not be able to determine if a site completed the training unless the site provides them with the documentation. Alternatively, if a small sponsor purchases an annual license directly from Brighton, the sponsor will have unlimited access to the site.


Large sponsors (or small sponsors who want more options and/or control) who would like to purchase a training license may do so here: Online order form

Complete a short application to include the sponsor’s name and other information requested. Sponsors who meet the definition of a large sponsor will choose their agency name from a drop down menu. If you do not see your agency’s name, your agency is either not considered a large sponsor or may be a new member. In these cases, sponsors may choose “Other” from the drop down list and move forward with the process. Payment may be made online with a credit card. Upon receipt of payment, the sponsor will receive an email confirming the purchase with instructions on how to set up a training website, and a coupon code to forward to their sites. Once the 500 seats purchased have been used, the coupon code will fail. Sponsors will be notified by email that they are out of seats and will be reminded how to purchase additional seats.


Small sponsors who would like unlimited free access to both the CCC and FDH training modules should have their center and day home clients visit this website:

Each new user should scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the short video on how to create a user name and register for a course, or go to to-create-user-account

The steps include:

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to select the desired course and select "See More"

3. Select "Take This Course" on the right, then "Add To Cart"

4. Select "Proceed to Checkout"

5. Complete the short registration form 

6. Select "Place Order" on the lower right

7. The menu on top right, select "My Account"

8. Select the correct course under "Your Courses"

9. Select "Overview Session"

10. Select the first item to begin

Please be sure to inform your sites that it is their responsibility to complete each module and print a training certificate at the end. They will need to be sure to have printer ink, or know how to save an electronic copy BEFORE completing the module. There may only be one opportunity to print or save the certificate.

Wondering how Brighton will make money offering these two trainings for Free?  Notice that there are 30 additional trainings on various topics available to all user for 10 dollars each.  If you have sites that would benefit frm additional training, this is an easy way for them to accomplish that.

Please contact Angela Young with questions at or Call 817-312-3814.

Happy trainings!